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Parking is a lucrative asset in residential properties. But they often lie uncontracted or vacant when tenants use their car.


ApParkingspot with smart renting solution specializes in turning your parking into a sustainable source of income.


Our platform is designed to be compatible with your current business areas allowing you to seamlessly rent your parking.


Contact us for more information on how we can help you.


Every car driving on the streets is looking for parking somewhere, which may take 10-15 minutes to find one. This consumes time causing stress and unnecessary traffic and CO2 emissions.


ApParkingspot presents an easy, fast and secure way to find a parking space through our application, whenever and wherever you need it at favorable prices.


You can also rent your own parking space when it is vacant and earn extra money.


Take part in the sharing economy and contribute to a sustainable society.


Efficient and sustainable management is of paramount importance for companies and shopping centers.

Parking areas take up a large part of the place in shopping malls and often stand empty in the evenings and weekends.

ApParkingspot's automated and flexible platform can optimize the infrastructure for parking spaces and can generate an additional source of income.

Please contact us for further information about benefitting the flow in the urban environment through sharing economy.


Space and revenue optimization can be a big problem every hotel has to manage.

Parking is important for the business and can be cumbersome and expensive to handle.

Through our solution, ApParkingspot can help to create revenue from the hotel's unused parking spaces. We market your empty parking spaces which allow more usage of the hotel's parking facilities.


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About us

Save money, make money-contribute to a better environment!

ApParkingspot is the first Swedish startup, to offer shared parking solutions to the Swedish mobility market. We connect individuals who need a parking space with those who have one available through our digital platform.



Our vision


ApParkingspot aims to be the most intelligent parking solution in the development of the smart city. By providing services for better utilization of the infrastructure around parking and electrical charging stations, we promote movement and accessibility in the city.


What we offer

Easy, Efficient and Sustainable Parking





Look for the parking in your desired destination at the required time.

Book the most suitable parking at affordable price.

Get to your parking area on the fastest route.

Find the best parking

Rent out your spot





List your parking whenever

it is vacant with simple

parking facility information

We market your parking
and process the confirmation

Each booking for your

parking will generate

revenue for you.

Parking for Business

Automated renting solution

Our unique solution with the integration of Artificial Intelligence and Automation, can analyze the parking pattern and detect the vacant spots in the parking garage and rent out a certain amount automatically to the potential drivers, accounting hosts' preferences and reserving the spots for regular users.


Enhance the value of your parking asset by our Automated Renting Solution. Contact us to know more.


Valuation of Parking occupancy

Mobile access system to the parking

Real-time updates on parking

Secure and flexible system  


Contact us


If you would like to get in touch with us, please fill out the formular below:


Scheelevägen 15

223 70 Lund


Tel: +46(0)73 740 78 23

Work with us

If you are interested in working at ApParkingspot Nordic AB, please send your CV to: jobb@apparkingspot.com

Thank you for your message!

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